We are a practice of RIBA Chartered Architects and Designers who strive to create beautiful and functional spaces.  Innovative design is produced to the highest technical standard.

OPEN planning

We have over 25 years planning experience, and are attuned to the requirements of local authorities, which ensures our clients a smooth journey through the planning process. We pride ourselves on the ability to produce designs which very often result in planning approval.

OPEN commercial

We maximise the use of the space with a commercial, ethical and ecological hand, ensuring our clients gain maximum potential on each project. Design is key in this process.

OPEN minds

We have respect for our clients’ requirements and needs. We listen to you and produce the design that is right for you.

Our Staff


Paul McPartland<br />Managing Director

Paul McPartland
Managing Director

Joanna Loizou<br />Senior Architect

Joanna Loizou
Senior Architect

<b>Jaspreet Pathiwille</b><br />Consultant Architect

Jaspreet Pathiwille
Consultant Architect

<strong>Giuseppe Brancaccio<br /></strong>Project Architect

Giuseppe Brancaccio
Project Architect

Neil Goodhew<br />Associate

Neil Goodhew

Emily Sheridan<br />Architectural Assistant

Emily Sheridan
Architectural Assistant


Paul Morrish<br />Associate Director

Paul Morrish
Associate Director

Stephanie Mason<br />Senior Architectural Designer

Stephanie Mason
Senior Architectural Designer

Gary Rathbone<br />Senior Architectural Technician

Gary Rathbone
Senior Architectural Technician

Shaun Lilley<br />Architectural Assistant

Shaun Lilley
Architectural Assistant

Kellie Donovan<br />Architectural Assistant

Kellie Donovan
Architectural Assistant

Ross Marsh<br />Architectural Technologist

Ross Marsh
Architectural Technologist

<strong>Cleodie Rees <br /></strong>Associate

Cleodie Rees


<strong>Glyn Friend</strong><br />Director

Glyn Friend

Simon Rickards<br />Associate

Simon Rickards

<strong>James Rich</strong><br />Associate

James Rich

Sue Leonard<br />Accounts

Sue Leonard

William Bradshaw<br />Office Junior

William Bradshaw
Office Junior

<b>Melissa Owen</b><br />Reception & Office Admin

Melissa Owen
Reception & Office Admin