Ian and Stuart entered the Sevenoaks Triathlon in April 2013 as first-time triathlon athletes and did so well that we felt they needed to have their pictures put on our website!

Misfortune struck Ian on the bike a third of the way round where he went ‘technical’ with a blown out tyre.  He says it was because of how fast he was going.  Ahem!  Thinking on his feet, he hitched a lift back to the transition to begin his run.  Sadly his bike time didn’t count, but he completed in one piece with good times for the swim and run:
Swim  07:17
T1  02:51
Bike  –:–
T2  01:24
Run  45:17

Stuart, a rugby player with a matching stature, exceeded his own expectation completing it in 01:51:55 with times as follows:
Swim  06:56
T1  02:05
Bike  58:58
T2  00:36Run  43:19

Both guys are hooked and entering the Hever Castle Evening Series Triathlon on Wednesday 12th June.  Well done and good luck both!